Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, some else can under your delegation.

Yes, we deal directly with producers, major distributors and retailers.

By using the search bar and category feature.

Yes, we deal directly with producers, major distributors and retailers.

 Yes, as long as it’s within the stipulated return policy and qualifies for a return.

 By calling in

Yes, but only if they are from the same seller

by selecting the item you want to purchase and following the easy steps that follow.

A tracking order will be sent to you by the delivery company.

 A mail will be sent to your email, or you will receive a call from our customer care.

Call our customer care line if this problem remains after 24 hours.

Orders take between 1 to 7 days depending on your location. Check www.services.euralla.com/deliveries for our delivery policy

Call our customer care service.

This is most likely due to connection issues. In the event of such inconvenience you can call to place your order.

This is a purchase option where payment is made when you are delivered to you.

Fill in your card information after purchasing the selected products. Our online payment method is secured by PayStack authorizations.

Our use of PayStack authorization keeps customer card details secure.

This can be due to insufficient fund or card security, however, we advise you contact your bank.

We accept all currencies.

Your card number is the sixteen digits on your card. Your expiration date is the date your card becomes invalid. Your CVV are the three digits at the back of your card.

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